Impact lives prophetically and profitably.




Safety is our Numero Uno operating value. It underpins all that we do at Breakthrough. Safety for us is not just physical safety alone, but emotional safety as well. We fully understand that an unsafe environment is not conducive to learning. Safety first, safety last and safety in-between is our motto.


We do not settle for mediocre but surpass expectations. To us at Breakthrough excellence is getting the right job done right. We make life, ours and others, exceptional by striving to leave a legacy of excellence. Our belief is that excellence is the manifestation of our character, which communicates our consistency and potential.


Building relationships is our intent in all our interactions. We take full accountability in initiating and owning our relationships to promote the other. In all relationships we demonstrate genuine respect by acknowledging, accepting and appreciating each other.


Adding value to people, programs and product services is an inherent quality we live by. We demonstrate this by going the extra mile with maximum efforts for minimum expectations. We take responsibility by asking at the start of the day, “How can I add value today?” and at the end of the day, “Have I added value today?”


Energy is synonymous with Breakthrough. Our enthusiasm and liveliness bring vigour to our programs and all other interactions with clients and each other. We believe that our intensity of expression and passion to impact lives is reflected in our energy levels. We realise that energy is contagious and often ask, “Is mine worth catching?