Team Engagement through experiential learning

The Vision of Impacting Lives

Breakthrough’s vision is impacting lives. This vision guides us in our recruitment, facilitation, relationships, and even in our day-to-day decision-making. Outbound training is the means for us to impact lives. The stories of impact that we hear from our participants are what keeps us going day after day.  

We believe a warm smile translates to create many more smiles. Hence, we practice welcoming each participant with a smile and sweets.


We strive to have one-on-one conversations with participants which build lasting relationships.  Appreciating participants for each step of involvement during activities is where our ‘connect’ begins when we observe and appreciate.


In addition, to corporate organizations and educational institutions, we deem it a privilege to impact the lives of the underprivileged and the differently-abled.  This brings us joy that cannot be expressed in words but etched in our memories as days we cherish.


We have seen lives been impacted since 2000. College students have given up drugs to focus on what is most important in life. School children have built their confidence and have grown to be leaders. Corporate organizations have transformed their culture and built teams that work together guided by organizational values and objectives. This is what the Breakthrough team works towards each day, one life and one team at a time. We hope to build that impact in the coming years spreading across the country and abroad.