The challenge of Team Building capabilities among students

The importance of team-building activities has been increasingly felt in organizations and educational institutions alike.  This aspect was strongly felt in the eighth meeting of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM – A network of 28 management schools) held at IIM- B on Nov 17, 2015.
The event brought about a realization of the diverse work environment that exists in the market at the moment.  Sushil Vachani, Director, IIM Bangalore said “although “a global perspective” may sound cliché, it can only truly be achieved when students get hands-on experience on working with diverse teams and individuals”.
Speaking on this matter, Edward A Snyder, Dean, Yale School of Management, said, “The biggest challenge now, is the gap in team-building capabilities among students.” 
In this area of Team Building, Breakthrough has been working with students from management, engineering, arts and science, nursing, and polytechnic colleges. Our programs like Leadership Enhancement, Alignment, and Paradigm Shift enable students to acknowledge, accept and appreciate their classmates and in the future their colleagues. This aspect is focused extensively on the Leadership Enhancement program which is a nine-day program for MBA students.
This course is designed for MBA students to transfer Leadership competencies like valuing diversity, managing conflicts, understanding group behaviour, having goals, establishing leadership ethics. The course is in three modules of three days each spaced out evenly over the academic schedule of the students.
Fig. Learning Impact assessment of the Leadership Enhancement program
Learning Impact assessment done as part of the program helps teachers to understand what the students have learned from the program. The Learning impact assessment of the students who underwent the program in the current academic year showed significant learnings after the program. In the aspect of “Valuing Diversity”, during the pre-test 51.90% of the students said that they moderately accepted differences and 48.10 % mentioned that they highly accepted differences. When the post-test was held 88.50% of the students mentioned that they will value differences highly. This demonstrates a shift in their mindset after the program.
The impactful program along with workbooks that are designed to enable teachers to mentor the students helps them in the process of being prepared for the diverse workforce. The program has created a powerful impact on the lives of the students. One of the students Indhu Prabha from Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, a management student who underwent the program said “I have ideas in my mind but I don’t share and communicate it to people and even to my friends. After coming to Breakthrough, I started to talk openly and share my views in front of others and even in front of a number of people. So simple saying Breakthrough made me extroverted”.
A number of management schools in Coimbatore have gone through similar programs, equipping students to face the diverse work environment that lies ahead.