Robin Paul

Robin Paul is the founder of Breakthrough. A former athlete, he has been involved
with sports persons and teams all the way at the international level. As a counsellor
at Sydney Olympics and World Athletic Championships, he observed various high
performing team behaviours and used the learnings to serve the corporate world.
Robin has extensive global experience having consulted for and delivered
workshops on people performance in India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Greece,
Hong Kong, South Africa and the United States. Since 2000, he has been a
facilitator for some of the largest corporations in India. As a certified practitioner of
DISC, Belbin and Barrett’s tool, he has used these tools extensively to coach
numerous managers and executives.
Currently Robin, works with building up entrepreneurs from around the world on
shaping their businesses.

Linda Paul

Linda Paul is the co-founder and Managing Director of Breakthrough. A people’s person, she is one of Breakthrough’s most sought after trainers. She has trained all over India, Sri Lanka and the United States. With over 2000 programs under her belt, Linda is one of our most experienced facilitators. Her ability to give feedback in a non threatening manner is one of her most appreciated traits!
A mother to three kids and a grandmother to three more, Linda is an incredibly creative cook!

Kaustubh Hanmantgad

Kaustubh, CEO of Breakthrough, has been in the training and consulting industry for
over 12 years. He was previously the Director- Operations of Breakthrough.
Kaustubh has trained not just around India, but in the USA, Australia, Sri Lanka,
Rwanda and Kenya. He is also a trained and certified professional in the use of
DISC as a psychometric tool. In the past, he was a part of the founding team of
Flippen Group’s India operations and worked as a principal consultant to transform
the culture in over 17 schools across the country. As the Head of Operations for
Global Unites, he helped set up critical systems and processes for the organisation
to move from a start-up phase to a scale up phase.
Kau is an avid backpacker and has traveled to over 20 countries and has an
interesting repertoire of stories from his travels.

Timothy Connors

Timothy Connors, popularly known as Timmy, is our Program Director and has been with Breakthrough since the day of inception nearly two decades ago. With over 1000 trainings to his credit, Timmy has trained in different parts of India, USA, Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, etc… He is certified as a ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) L1 and L2 practitioner and supervisor.
Timmy has completed his Diploma from Indian Society for Training & Development and a Strategic Transformational and Training Methodology Program from IIM-A. He is trained and certified in the use of DISC as a psychometric tool.
Timmy is an expert of safety and is regularly found advising organisations and different ropes courses around the world in their safety systems. He has built challenge courses in Bangalore, Kolar, Coimbatore, Hosur, Sri Lanka and Egypt.
Timmy, a former cricketer for Tamil Nadu, has an unparalleled sense of humour and quite often has participants in splits during trainings.

Vivian Angelo

Vivian Angelo, named after Sir Vivian Richards by his cricket crazy father has been with Breakthrough for over thirteen years. With a masters in Psychology, his inputs on team behaviour and program design has significantly impacted many organisations.
He is one of our senior most facilitators and also heads our business unit at Attibele, Hosur. Vivian is a trained and certified professional in the use of a variety of psychometric tools like DISC and MBTI. He has trained professionals all over India, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, etc…
If you enjoy basketball, Viv is your guy! He not only follows basketball closely, but is a fantastic player as well.

Jagadeesh S

Jagadeesh, most commonly known as Jack, is our centre director at the Coimbatore Centre. Over the past 12 years with us, he has moved from being a mason to heading a business unit.A psychology graduate, is incredible at connecting with people who he meets. He is a trained builder with a keen eye for safety.
Jack loves to get on his Enfield and camp in the wild. He also happens to be an exceptional cook!

Ruth Connors

Ruth has held the fort of our office since our inception in 2000! For the most part, she is the person whose voice you will listen to when you call our office. A naturally caring person is incharge of hospitality, support and admin for our campus. Her skills at tracking and the keen eye for detail helps us maintain a high quality standards for all our ISO and OHSAS processes.
Ruth is an amazing cook and her coconut chutney is a crowd favourite!

Robin Samuel

Robby, (to prevent confusion from Robin Paul, our founder) is now in his fifth year with Breakthrough. One of our senior facilitators, Robby comes with many years of experience in the HR domain as a recruiter in Chennai. He is a senior facilitator who is lead for many of our corporate clients. A commerce graduate from MCC, Chennai, he is now pursuing his M.Sc in Applied Psychology.
An avid footballer, is a great fan of Chelsea F.C!

Jomon Jose

Jomon, fondly called Jo, has grown to be one of our most popular trainers over the last five years he has been with Breakthrough. A mechanical engineer by profession has worked in the past with Mahindra & Mahindra. As a senior facilitator, he has impacted many companies and educational institutions all over India. He is currently pursuing his diploma with ISTD.
Jo has a strong affinity to cricket and follows different games quite keenly.

Blessy Samuel

Blessy, our marketing head, is also one of our key facilitators. With a degree in Psychology from WCC in Chennai, she has used her knowledge and skills quite significantly, especially in the education space. Working with students and teachers brings out the best in her.
Blessy brings with her a masters in Public Relations and years of experience to the table, If you like a post on any of our social media pages, Blessy is the person behind it.

Samuel Thomas

Samuel Isaac Thomas fondly known as Sam. He has been with us for more than five years. An integral part of our operations in Coimbatore. He is pursuing his course in ISTD. He loves motivational speakers and inspires others around him as well
He is a die-hard fan of Manchester United and an amazing footballer

Abigail Curnow

Abi, as we call her fondly is a masters graduate in Human Development. In the past four years of working at Breakthrough, Abi has grown significantly as a trainer and is now one of our key trainers in education space. She is also extremely adept with handling the ropes course and even doing maintenance on it.
Abi is a skilled footballer and plays quite regularly for Breakthrough FC.

Muan PK

Muan is one of the most energetic person on our team. For the past four years, he has handled our accounts and is one of the most active person when it comes to the ropes course. A budding facilitator, he can energise a crowd like never seen before!
An ardent FC Barcelona fan is the captain of Breakthrough FC.

George Augustin

George, a sprinter from Mangalore, is one of the newest members of the team. He is our data guy and holds the role of an analyst at Breakthrough.
He loves sports and is always up for a game of football or volleyball or badminton or even just for a run!


Selva, once a participant , is now an integral part of Breakthrough. He handles all the ropes course related work at our Coimbatore centre and assists the accounts team. An extremely systematic person, is responsible for making sure all our safety logs and processes are followed at the centre.
He is a former national Kho-Kho player and has won innumerable laurels representing Karnataka