Studies: Adventure Education / Outbound programmes foster resilience

In the changing business world, Resilience as a characteristic is considered an essential element. So much so, that the 2013 World Economic Forum was titled “Resilient Dynamism”. Building this characteristic cannot be done by a mere presentation alone but involves being able to learn it in an experiential platform.
A study done in December 2013 by the Unversity of Otago in New Zealand proved that adventure programs foster youth resilience. When participants undergo such programs it results in a certain immunization and an ability to overcome. This means the ability of people to face adversity grows after an adventure-based outbound training experience.
There are numerous such studies that prove that controlled exposure to challenges can enhance resilience. In the year 2001, James Neill and Katica Dias did a study that supported this claim, demonstrating significantly greater gains in psychological resilience for 41 young adults participating in 22-day Outward Bound programs.
Over the years Breakthrough has seen the effectiveness of adventure-based Outbound training programs that have enabled participants from corporates and colleges to foster key characteristics like resilience. Using lead-up activities physically and emotionally prepare participants for the difficult activity that they will experience. The methodology is effective because of the experiential base that has been proven factual through similar studies.