Strategic Transformational Training Methodology


Robin Paul and Timmy Connors from Breakthrough, participated in a three day Program on Strategic Transformational Training Methodology organized by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, which featured the Strategic Development of managerial capability being the key element in strategic survival and growth.


The program focused on developing a methodology for putting together strategic transformational training by examining pre-training, through training and post-training variables and addressed the following:


• Criteria for identifying partner organizations/trainers for delivering training


• The importance of pre-training diagnostics for capturing organizational felt and unfelt needs to steer the design and delivery as close to the reality confronting managers in fulfilling roles and responsibilities and in producing the desired results


• Review of various approaches to gaining training organization/ trainer sensitization to the client organization’s ecosystem


• Identifying ingredients of training content design which can be reconfigured into various permutations and combinations to produce the desired learning impact from a strategic transformational perspective


• Gaining an understanding of premium training delivery ingredients to enhance training engagement value for participant development as well as to achieve the strategic transformational purpose of the delivery in an integrated flow of the content


• A comprehensive framework for assessing training impact


• A methodology for assessing long term impact and long haul achievement both at the individual level as well as at the organizational level


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