WHO’s definition of Life Skills:

Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables us to deal effectively with

the demands and challenges of everyday life. Some examples are decision making, problem

solving and creative thinking. Although we learn these skills to some extent in our schools – lack of

practical exposure, time and the necessary resources make effective learning difficult. The result:

life for our children is more stressful and difficult than it should be. They should have it easier!

Duration: 1 – 3 Days

Number of participants: 15 – 50

Aim: WHO’s Definition of Life Skills is the building block of this program.

R-Recognizing strengths, weakness, abilities

E-Experiences that create impressions

A-Affirming Self

L-Learning to apply from everyday Life

I-Influencing School, home and society

S-Succeed in maintaining the changed self

E-Exploring new avenues for personal growth and community development