• Outbound Training for College Students


College is the perfect launchpad for a student into their careers. They enhance and equip themselves with knowledge, skills, and values in these very crucial years of their life. Breakthrough focuses on refining their value systems and beliefs, for we know that building character is the foundation to live meaningful lives. Outbound Training for MBA students equips them with practical leadership skills.

Breakthrough programs address the day-to-day challenges of the students and teachers through experiential learning.

All our student programs are crafted to make the participants more open to taking initiatives, emerging as empathetic leaders, and having a clear goal or vision for their lives. We give them a big picture view of what the corporate has in store for them.

Impacting Student Communities Since 2000

Impact Stories

Coming to Breakthrough as a student, gave me a new perspective of life, I was able to ponder upon things that I did not know about. I understood how teams function while in college. This is something you get to see only when you start working. I was exposed to this at Breakthrough.

Breakthrough has been a life changing experience for me in which I got to analyse myself and got to learn how to be a good leader which helped me to be a good representative of my class. I am really thankful to team Breakthrough for bringing out my hidden potential.

Outbound Training for MBA Students

Institutions Impacted

IIM – B, IIM – V, IIM – U, IIM – S, IIM – K, M S Ramaiah, NMIMS, Sri Ramakrishna Group of Institutions, IIHM, Bangalore, PESIT, PSG, GRD

Outbound Training Programs for Colleges

Leadership Alignment

Program Objectives:

  • Get aligned to the campus
  • Help students to recognize and seize opportunity
  • Enable students to adapt
  • Challenge students to set goals and work towards it

Program Designed for

  • First year – UG and PG students

Paradigm Shift

Program Objectives:

  • Shifting from individual effort to team effort
  • Moving from critical thinking to creative thinking
  • Evolving from just doing what is told to exceeding expectations

Program Designed for

Final year – UG and PG students

Outbound Training for MBA students

Specialised Program : Leadership Enhancement

Program Objectives

Leadership Enhancement – 1 Leading Self

  • Establishing Leadership ethics
  • Enhancing self
  • Envisioning one’s vision
  • Employing progressive self-management practices

Leadership Enhancement – 2 Relational Leadership

  • Valuing diversity
  • Understanding group behaviours
  • Communicating as a leader
  • Learning to disagree agreeably
  • Forming and leveraging the power of the inner circle

Leadership Enhancement – 3 Leaving a Leadership Legacy

  • Understanding and applying Leadership Styles
  • Using a Value based approach to decision making
  • Demonstrating accountability
  • Working towards a legacy

Program Designed for

MBA students

Program Highlights:

This long-term Outbound Training Program for MBA students has the following highlights.

  • Quantifiable learning impact assessments for the group and individuals
  • Training for the mentors (teachers) to handhold students in the change process
  • Manuals for all three programs
  • Follow-up visit with the students for each program
  • Small group sessions during the program
  • Customizable based on the needs of the institution

Program Duration:

Nine days across three semesters

Teaching to Change Lives

The program “Teaching to change lives” is an interactive workshop designed for the faculty of institutions. 

It seeks to catalyze the process of life change, beginning with the teacher and as a result influencing others that come along their path to follow this process of growth from the inside out. The program also addresses areas like working along with the institution and each other. 

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