Onboarding for New Hires


Onboarding and induction is one of the most important things to get right in teams. While onboarding for new hires can be fun and instructive, it can also be at times monotonous and laborious. Experiential Learning is a great way to use simulations as a means of demonstrating how to do things well or how not to do things when concretely representing something like organizational values. The experiential learning methodology states that people learn a lot more easily when they actually do something as opposed to simply sitting and listening to someone talk about it. Embodied cognition is a scientific trend of how individuals can better internalize information through doing rather than simply reading about or watching someone, according to the National Science Foundation (NSF) website.

The idea behind Breakthrough’s onboarding program designed for organisations is to ensure that new hires can see examples of the desired actions or behaviours being manifested through the experiences and reflection thereafter presented to them. Research by Glassdoor has found that organizations with a strong onboarding/Induction process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. So keep these findings in mind when considering which method will work best for your team!

In addition, we also deliver onboarding sessions for batches of Executive Management Programs in leading B-Schools where professionals from across different industries get an opportunity to connect and align with course requirements.


Identify employee behaviours necessary for success in your organisation.


Reinforce behaviours so that they can be learned and exhibited