All our solutions have revolved primarily on drawing out learnings from the experience a team goes through in performing certain tasks / activities. The key points of our training methodology seek to:
  • Address your desired outcomes: all our solutions are geared to address the behavioural outcomes that YOU would like to see and experience back at your workplace
  • Simulating workplace scenario: the activities, the experiences and the discussion are all contextualised towards specific realtime work-place situations
  • To accelerate performance: you will walk away with an action plan to create a shift back at work. This will be followed up by your facilitator to aid implementation.

Action Learning Cycle

The process starts when we meet with our clients to find out what is functionally not working for them. These form the objectives to be addressed during the training program.

Outbound learning is used to address the given objectives. This makes the training, behaviour based rather than skill based. Simulating or imitating an actual event is an extremely powerful method to influence behaviour.

Participants are taken to the next stage of the learning cycle, where they reflect on the experience they during the activity. The discussion centres on certain responses or reactions that occurred during the activity and how that would relate to what is expected.

While the day is all about the “aha” moments, transformation happens at the workplace. The learnings from various behaviours gleaned from the two stages are then aligned with the work place. Specific actions are defined to help deliver functional solutions.

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