Mental Health during COVID-19: Creating Emotionally Safe Workspaces

The pandemic has been taking a toll on the mental health of people across the world. With increasing stress on the mental health infrastructure, there is a need to create mental health ambassadors within workplace communities. The challenge here is to address emotional issues when they begin to surface and not wait until their mental health condition significantly deteriorates.

In this episode, Kaustubh, CEO, Breakthrough, has an insightful, eye-opening conversation that stirs a sense of hope with Dr. Venkatesh Babu, Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist and Head – Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore and Ms. Akanksha Pandey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Fortis hospital, Bengaluru.

Listening to the podcast will help managers and team members to be aware of and cope with mental health challenges within themselves and the people they work with. You will also listen to real-life instances of ways people have been dealing with mental health aspects brought about by the pandemic. We hope this resource equips you to handle emotional challenges constructively.