Leadership Development


The norms surrounding how we work and operate have changed completely.  Organizations that don’t have an agile and adaptive culture struggle in this environment and potentially struggle with a burnt-out workforce. According to Gallup, 70% of team’s engagement is influenced by managers. Leadership development has been and continues to be a differentiator for organizations. Breakthrough delivers impactful leadership development training that enable organizations and leaders to find the best possible ways to work, collaborate and innovate in a disruptive environment.

Our learning programs are designed with you, the leader at the center. We help you shape your culture and create an agile organization where people can thrive.

The Leadership Development solutions are delivered using the experiential learning methodolgy both in our Outbound learning centers and virtually as well.

Leadership Development Solutions

Empathetic Leadership

Strategic Alignment

First-time Managers

First-Time Managers

Managerial Shift

Managerial Shift