Four Ways to Recreate Bonds with your Team

Recreating bonds in the team

Having highly engaged employees can lead to a 202% increase in performance. The pandemic in many ways had taken away the employee support system that existed in the workplace. As organizations, return to the office, look at hybrid work, or continue to work from home it is important to be intentional in recreating bonds in the workplace.

During one of Breakthrough’s virtual team learning sessions for a client, we heard a participant remark, “This is the first time in a long time, I am seeing my teammates smile”. Certain work structures have created disengagement within teams largely contributed by not having enough opportunity to connect with each other.

When participants experience the low challenge course at Breakthrough, their successful and safe completion of the course is enabled through the support of spotters who provide both physical and emotional safety to the person walking on the challenge course. Having a team to support and uplift is vital to an engaging workplace community.

Here are 4 ways in which team bonds can be recreated:

  1. Post-it reflection

Bring the team together for a time of reflection, where we look back at the last two years and reflect on how each person has changed. Here are the questions, which can be discussed:

  • Each person writes out lessons learned during the pandemic
  • Each person writes out positives about working from home
  • Each person writes out what they would like happening more in the team
  • Each person writes out any new experiences during the pandemic

Sharing such stories, opens hearts and brings about a deeper understanding of each other in the team.

2. Work for a cause

Many segments of society are undergoing tremendous challenges constantly reeling under the impact of the pandemic. What better way than to give to society through voluntary projects. The projects can be done in collaboration with NGOs in areas such as providing basic essentials to the underprivileged, educational exercises for kids, and many other areas to uplift people facing challenging times. The effort can aid in bringing the team together in a unique way.

3. Team building exercise

Bring the team together for a time of bonding through a time of outbound learning and bonding experience. The carefully designed experience can be both fun and engaging for participants to recreate bonds with each other. If you are looking for such an experience do get in touch with us. We will be happy to create one for your team.

Here is what one of the participants shared on their experience on LinkedIn.

The training sessions at Breakthrough were all about understanding, appreciating, collaborating and making meaningful connections with my wonderful team. It was also insanely fun! I’ve attended many training programs in my career, but I can safely say, nothing like this one! Timmy and Linda, our main facilitators from breakthrough were just so warm and passionate about everything they put together for us, with high impact learnings! The key takeaways were actionable points that we could incorporate into the day to day functioning of the team. Relatable and easy to comprehend – no jargon, no bullet points, no PowerPoint decks…

It was just the right dose of #touch motivation that we needed after a super long #tech stint! I am already looking forward to the next one! 

Manjulakshmi Panicker

Head- Corporate Communications & PR Lead for Randstad N.V.’s India Operations

4. Revision and reimagine together

A thought-through visioning exercise can bring team members together using the tools such as Simon Sinek’s Golden circle. Use the team to rekindle the passion to do what they do and envision a future that is both enriching and fulfilling for the team.

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