Driven by Purpose

Find your ‘why?’

“If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.” This quote is attributed to Friedrich Nietzche. Purpose gives meaning and drives a person to persevere in spite of numerous challenges.

In a speech at the Laureus Sporting moment award in February 2020, Sachin said, “It was the proudest moment of my life, holding that trophy which I chased for 22 years but I never lost hope,” the cricketer added. “I was merely lifting that trophy on behalf of my countrymen.” The why keeps you going.

Parents often decide the path children take; they may get it right or wrong.  All professionals try new jobs at some point; they can also get it right or wrong. But we know when we have got it wrong because we feel like a square peg in a round hole.  So how do we know when we have got it right?

Do you love (not like) what you do? Are your strengths being utilised? Or do you wait for the clock to strike the end of your work-day? Do you dread the Mondays that follow?

What is your ‘why?’ Do you know your organization’s ‘why?’ What do you need to do to be aligned to this ‘why’?  It’s never too late to begin.

A 2014 survey by Deloitte shows that organizations with a strong sense of purpose are more confident in their growth prospects – they know their why.

Play to your strength Sachin!

COVID19 has many people upskilling to stay relevant, or even to save their jobs. Did we really need COVID19 to prompt us?  And what stopped us in doing this in the first place?

Sachin Tendulkar attributed his longevity and success to a stricter fitness regime, not playing Twenty20 Internationals and bowling only sparingly: tthese are choices he made.  Similarly, we need to keep the long-run in mind when making decisions. It’s vital not just to think of the present.

If you want to be known for a particular expertise, make a list of the things that you may have to give up as well as those things you will need to adopt. Breakthrough’s CEO constantly encourages me to do that by questioning “Will this add value in the direction I am heading?”  If not, then I ‘drop’ the task.  Consequently, I am better able to hone the skills for which I want to be known.

Be a student

When Sachin Tendulkar finally won the World Cup (the only trophy that had eluded him), the image of him being carried on the shoulders of his teammates is something we will never forget.  After carrying the burden of one billion Indians on his shoulders, it was fitting for him to be carried on the shoulders of our next cricketing greats.  Yet in an interview shortly afterwards Tendulkar said, “I am still learning about the game. I figure something out about my batting all the time, you have to keep your mind open. I learn all the time, those small adjustments, with your footwork or bat swing can improve your game, I love doing that. You never know everything. Mentally that makes you feel so good. That is the best form of preparation.” The celebrations titled ‘Carried on the Shoulders of a Nation’ was declared winner of the Laureus Sporting Moment Award 2000-2020.

Are you a learner or do you think of yourself as someone who has arrived? Krish Dhanam, a motivational speaker, put it this way “Most people stop looking for work when they find a job.”

At Breakthrough we are constantly encouraged to adopt a learning attitude. The power of a shared, learning community is something we have discovered. When some discovers something enlightening we share it with everyone.

My son who is five constantly asks me why questions. Never lose that sense of curiosity and wonder that you had as a child. Start with your why.

– Vivian Angelo

Principal Consultant