As our tag line reads – “building teams inside out”, our expertise lies in using experiential learning to address specific needs in the work place – be it for individual leaders or aligning new teams or building high performing organisations. All of this with the goal of accelerating performance by helping organisations and teams address the fundamental constraints that hold them back.


Program Certifications

Our trainer is pursuing a diploma from ISTD. this is the only professional course recognized by Govt. of India for Training of Trainers in the country and is designed to meet today’s training / HRD challenges.

Our trainers are also certified by CAMI, which is a leading HR training institute, as Trainers and Facilitators.

Breakthrough has facilitator certified in Psychometric training by CAMI

Breakthrough trainers are certified DISC Counsellors.

DISC is a four quadrant behavioural personality profile test which provides an understanding of people through awareness of temperament and behavioural styles. They are classified into four basic styles of human behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

We partner with Management Centre Asia – Singapore for procurement of the DISC profile.

Breakthrough has a certified Flippen Profile trainer.

The Flippen Profile is a statistically validated behavioural and performance assessment tool used to identify core competencies and behavioural attributes. Combining a self-profile with input from several close associates or colleagues, the Flippen Profile acts as a basis for personalised action plans.

Barrett’s Value Assessment tool is a comprehensive tool used to measure the values and culture of an organisation. It also helps to assess individual values and align it to that of the organisation. Breakthrough is certified in the use of this tool to aid organisational transformation.

Belbin team roles describe a pattern of behaviour that characterises one person’s behaviour in relationship to another in facilitating the progress of a team.

Breakthrough has trained and certified facilitators to handle the coaching for Belbin Team Profiles.

Breakthrough has a certified facilitator in competency development from Carlton Advanced Management Institute.

Breakthrough has a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. These skills are used for effective facilitation during trainings and coaching processes.