Breakthrough’s Offsite Programs

Breakthrough has two campuses one in Bangalore, and the other in Hosur which is a partnership with Esther Enterprises. The two centres have enabled Breakthrough to provide Outbound Training services for leading corporate organizations and educational institutions in South India.
However, Breakthrough has been able to provide a similar quality of program in different parts of the country and around the world. We have conducted programs in the US, Srilanka and several other countries. This is possible because of the uniquely developed offsite kit which has enabled Breakthrough to create an impact in the offices and campuses of our clients.
One of the top priorities for organizers of Outbound training programs in organizations is the location. The offsite kit constituting of activity equipment, welcome kit, writing and presentation materials etc has made offsite training programs conducted by Breakthrough uniquely engaging. Based on the training needs of the clients the materials can be customized as well.
As Breakthrough looks to expand in different locations our capacity to conduct training programs in varied locations through our offsite kit has enabled us to be dynamic in our vision of impacting lives.