Breakthrough approved for Podio Sponsorship.

Breakthrough thanks for sponsoring us and enhancing the way business at Breakthrough works by giving us easy access to your premium features.

How Podio is making work easy and productive for team Breakthrough.
Podio definitely is the best web-based management platform we’ve come across so far. It offers anything you would expect from a Project management tool. It has helped us a great deal in streamlining and tracking important tasks and processes like approvals, discussions, and projects while keeping our internal business information secure and preventing things from falling in the cracks. The interface is particularly clean and visually appealing.

Its ability to define workspace with its own set of collaborators and functionalities is particularly valuable to get things done. Podio is also a great tool to share ideas within teams and collect feedback.

Worth mentioning that an impressive amount of apps is available on the Podio app store, which makes Podio even more useful and collaborative.

In all the Breakthrough team is all excited about it and we are sure your team will love to use it also.