Breakthrough was founded in 2000 by Robin Paul, a former athlete who represented India. His interactions and coaching with some of the world’s top sports personalities, has helped translate several team concepts from sports into corporate training. This led to the conception of Breakthrough, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


The Tree

The name Breakthrough finds its origin from a tree that has broken through a 60/40 feet rock and still stands tall on the Breakthrough campus. According to researchers the tree is nearly a century old. For a seed to germinate on a rock, it needs to find a crack through which it absorbs any amount of nutrient it can get. The rock, which was as a metaphor of a challenging situation from the seed’s perspective, is today the biggest source of strength for the tree. Without a trunk of it’s own, the tree now gets it strength and support from the rock.

Building Teams Inside Out

Breakthrough uses experiential learning to accelerate performance. Our outbound training focuses on drawing the learnings from the participant’s experience. Each of the solutions are geared to address behavioural outcomes that YOU would like to see and experience at your work place. All our activities, experiences and discussions are contextualised towards your work-place scenarios.
Our aim is for you to walk away with a practical plan to implement back at office.