Impacting Lives through Outbound Learning

If a company is to grow, its employees need to be empowered. Breakthrough facilitates conversation that helps companies empower their employees on behaviours and values. Our approach focuses on meaningfully linking Outbound Learning to the world of work in a fun and engaging manner. We address the most critical needs of organizations today through experiential learning simulations – to develop leadership capabilities and build engaged cultures across the organisation.

Breakthrough facilitators are unique in delivering program with a mix of heart facilitation that focuses on connecting with participants to create behavioural impact.


Vivian Angelo

Chief Executive Officer

Viv led Breakthrough’s consulting practice. He has 16 years of experience as a facilitator.

Linda Paul


Breakthrough’s co-founder and one of the most sought after facilitators, has over 2500 workshops across the world under her belt.

Timothy Connors, the Director - Program Solutions and Delivery

Timothy Connors

Director - Program Solutions and Delivery

Been with Breakthrough since the day of inception and has facilitated over 2500 workshops around the world.

Robin Samuel

Head - HR & Sales & Facilitator

Robby comes with a decade of experience in the HR space: first as a recruitment specialist followed by lead facilitator at Breakthrough

Blessy Esther

Blessy Esther

Head - Marketing & Facilitator

Blessy leads organisational behavioural tool development, which facilitates contextual implementation of consulting solutions.

Jagadeesh from Breakthrough

Jagadeesh (Jack)

Program Co-ordinator & Centre Director (Hosur)

Jagadeesh is the Centre Director of Breakthrough, Hosur. He has a phenomenal story of growth in Breakthrough.

Samuel Thomas, Breakthrough

Samuel Thomas

Facilitator & Sr. Associate - Program Design and Delivery

Sam, has been in Breakthrough for 9 years. He plays a key role in experiential program design and activity innovation.

Selva P

Facilitator & Sr. Associate - Ropes Course

Selva has been part of Breakthrough for 8 years. He plays a key role in the Ropes Course design and maintenance.

Muan PK

Facilitator and Sr. Associate - Process and Compliance

Muan has played a pivotal role in Breakthrough for the last 9 years, overseeing our efforts towards process and compliance.

Varsha Rajesh


Possesses four years of valuable experience in the corporate world and has actively contributed to Breakthrough for the past 18 months.

Sanithi John


Bringing expertise from a recruitment background, Sanithi has been an integral part of Breakthrough for the past 8 months.

Our Founder

Breakthrough was founded in 2000 by Robin Paul, a former athlete who represented India at the World Athletic Championships and later on as a counsellor at the Olympics. His interactions and coaching with some of the world’s top sports personalities, has helped translate several team concepts from sports into corporate training. This led to the conception of Breakthrough, headquartered in Bangalore, India

Founder of Breakthrough

Story of the Breakthrough Logo

The name Breakthrough finds its origin from a tree that has broken through a 60/40 feet rock and still stands tall on the Breakthrough, Bangalore campus. According to arborists, the tree is nearly a century old. The rock, which is a metaphor of a challenging situation from the seed’s perspective, is today the biggest source of strength for the tree. Without a trunk of its own, the tree now relies on the rock for strength and support.

Tree and Rock at Breakthrough, Bangalore

Our Bangalore Campus