A teacher’s day thought: Information to transformation

The profession of teaching has been built over the years on the foundation of sharing information to students. Today, the pressure to do so has increased tremendously, so much so, that students take drastic measures if they are not able to deal with the overload of information.
What’s lost here, is the scope of students to transform themselves to responsible citizens and be the best they can be.  The key is to have a quiet balance between teaching to inform versus teaching to transform. Why not give transformation a thought!
A teacher or a boss who is a mentor can give a start, or redirect.  Mentors build up confidence and provide a network that allows individuals find the avenue of success and take on failures positively. They help in connecting the dots between capabilities and potential, goals and successes. They give critical feedback which is actually a catalyst for self-awareness and eventual transformation. This teachers’ day, as teachers in schools and colleges, as leaders and mentors in corporate organizations, let’s ponder over how we balance information and transformation.