Karnataka Hockey Team gearing up for the upcoming season through experiential learning at Breakthrough

The Karnataka senior men’s Hockey team which is preparing for the upcoming nationals participated in an experiential learning program at Breakthrough today. Breakthrough is an organization that uses experiential learning to facilitate learning of behaviours and values for teams from across corporates, colleges, schools, sporting teams etc.
The Karnataka Hockey team along with Coach Sandeep Somesh came to Breakthrough to bring the team together and build a positive mindset through experiential learning. The program was packed with activities that were aimed at creating a conducive environment for learning.
Speaking on the program, Pradhan Somanna, a member of the Karnataka Hockey team said “The program helped us to dissolve negativities and to have a fresh mindset. The atmosphere at Breakthrough was unique. It was a fantastic motivating program”.
The coach Sandeep Somesh, said “One of the big takeways from the program for me and the team is that if you push the limit, you can go beyond what you really expect. I am happy with everything we did at Breakthrough, as it can be related a lot to the hockey ground in terms of trusting and supporting teammates and staying together as a unit.”
The vision of Breakthrough is to impact lives. Each part of the program was carefully designed to bring the impact that can be taken back to the field where players can apply and take the team to the next level.