Planting seeds of goodness into young lives, the Breakthrough way

Suicides, bullying, and violence have crept into our school campuses, leading to an unhealthy environment for our children to grow. Research states that, if children continue to be aggressive in elementary school and are not taught good coping skills, such as communication and problem solving, they will continue to be aggressive, often for a lifetime (Moffit and Caspi, 2001). At Breakthrough, our value-based experiential learning programs are tuned to plant seeds of goodness into the budding young lives.
What is exciting about experiential learning through activities is that it captivates the young as well as the old. At Breakthrough, our solutions cater not only to top-notch corporate organizations but also to colleges and schools. As we near children’s day, we would like to through the spotlight on our school programs. Our school programs are offered to children in the age group of 12 and above. Our popular school programs are Born to lead and Realize. In this blog, we have focused on one of our school programs ‘REALISE”.
Using experiential learning methodology ‘Realize Life skills Program’ is specially designed for students based on some of the most significant life skills needed for successful leadership such as self-esteem, Communication, Team synergy, decision making, problem-solving, and leadership.
Key learning objectives of the program are :
R – Recognizing strengths and weaknesses
E- Experiences that create impressions
A-  Acquiring life skills.
L- Learning to apply for everyday life
I – Influencing school, home, and society.
S- Succeed in maintaining the changed self
E- Exploring new avenues for personal growth and community development
One of the teachers Ms. Sheela Rani, who attended the program said that  ”The Breakthrough held at Breakthrough was captivating, well-organized with innovative activities which taught us great values of life in a simple way. Children learned to do things better in a group”
Praful Hanumanth, a student who attended the program said “I loved all the activities; they changed our life and passion for life and helped us to reach our goals”.
We look forward to impacting more young lives in the coming days through our programs, to create a healthy environment for our children to grow.
Happy Children’s day in advance!