• Building an Engaged Workplace Community

    Breakthrough’s solutions are being delivered virtually right now!

Building Engaging Workplace Communities

Breakthrough’s solutions are being delivered virtually right now!

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Our vision at Breakthrough is to impact lives and influence leadership transformation. We use a data-driven approach to transform individual behaviours that can potentially derail team performance. Our solutions are led by facilitators who are incredibly passionate to serve you in addressing your team’s needs. We use a combination of analytics, simulations, facilitation, and coaching to assist you in arriving at the desired outcome. We are committed to moving you towards consistently improved results.

Kaustubh Hanmantgad,
Kaustubh Hanmantgad, the CEO of Breakthrough

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This pandemic year was so uncertain for everyone and we never thought of having any experiential workshop but Breakthrough team made it possible for us.

Our colleagues not only had fun but enjoyed the learnings and felt very connected with each other after the workshop. We always enjoyed the in-person sessions and for us imagining a virtual team building session that is equally engaging was really difficult but the way you all planned and executed it for us it was really commendable.

Aon Superheroes session was not just a training program but it was a great connecting factor for our teams who were dealing with the virtual work environment.

Breakthrough is my go-to partner for Managerial Development Programs.

I love the way they conduct the activities that help me to connect the learnings to our competencies. The biggest plus point I see with the Breakthrough team is their willingness to accommodate me as their co-facilitator.

They are also great innovators and have helped me execute different activities for different batches thereby ensuring maximum learning for my participants.

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