Client Testimonials
“Experience at Breakthrough has not only elevated the engagement levels of my diverse leadership team but also ignited the team to realize their potential through simple learning exercises. Event design was very apt in establishing relevancy to proposed themes and the facilitators could very well connect individual behaviors during debrief sessions to make it very effective – overall a great team learning experience”
Balamurugan Gopal, Director, ICAP, Philips
"This is incredible. In all my years of experience in the field of training, never have I seen this level of involvement and ownership. Great to have interacted with Breakthrough."
Zachraiah Abraham, Ex-Head-Process Training, HP, GBS India
"I do want to pay my compliment to you to have kicked off this initiative and for having built a strong reputation over the years. I also think you have a great and highly motivated team of facilitators who enjoy their work. Not easy to sustain enthusiasm especially if you are doing it week in and week out. The staff too was very courteous and cheerful. You need to feel proud of what you have pulled together."
Raman Subramanian, Vice President - Strategic Initatives, Quest Global Engineering
The activities were awesome. It was really related with our slogan "Help each other, learn from each other, make progress together". The Breakthrough Team has done a fantastic job. Thank you.
Stephen C, Asia Finance Director, Texas Instruments
"Breakthrough helped facilitate the relocation of Bosch’s PA Verna team by effectively addressing any apprehensions and creating a strong team spirit & ownership during the move."
Thomas Buehler, Business Head, Bosch
"Making the HR Organisational Induction an Experiential program has made every participant / employee understand, appreciate and effect immediate changes in the way the values of the organization are viewed. They (Values) are seen in a very personal way, which guides and directs effective change."
Benjamin David, Ex - National Training Head, TNT
"The unique program helped our new joinees to quickly understand and adapt to the organisation’s disciplined yet friendly culture. It is more effective than sending them on two or three classroom sessions. The activities are refreshingly different and challenging and have a positive impact back in the office"
Dinesh Sonawane, Senior Director, Oracle GFIC
"The team at Breakthrough, have a unique but effective way of translating concepts and philosophies into activities that cement the learning. I was more than impressed with how they took principles on communication… and comfortably morphed the experience into total engagement for the participants"
Krish Dhanam, Vice President Consulting, Ziglar Worldwide

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"I was able to relate the programs to my work and it will help me in looking at my job in a new direction."

Varun Sivadas
Cable & Wireless

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