Team Power-Basic Team building

The Need: “I want the team to have a day of fun , bonding and team activities with a little learning” .

This program has team building activities in which fun and bonding are of primary importance with a little bit of learning from the reflection after each activity. One of Breakthrough’s policies is not to do programs just only for fun, there should be a time of reflection after each activity.

However, the reflection will be simple and quick with no intense action plan take aways as in other programs of ours. Since the focus is on fun and bonding there will be no documentation and emailing of learnings to the client.

Our Solution : Team Power
  • Team Bonding
  • Basic team relationships
  • Keeping the communication loop open
  • Mutual proactive support
  • Creating daily rhythms to go ahead as a team
  • Understanding the significance of encouragement and motivation

Group Size: 15-300 participants at a time.

Venue: Breakthrough Campus or a Venue of your choice

Key Features: Fun, Bonding, Interaction, Working together, Play, Motivation, Team Building, Activities and Team Outing

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"The program was very effective in getting the team to bond. I got to mingle with a lot of my team members whom I didn't even know. Thanks."

Sophia G
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