Social Contract - Conflict Reduction Tool

When two or more people interact conflicts are inevitable. Some conflicts are beneficial and some are not. The challenge for any team is to learn how to disagree agreeably. In other words, proactively resolve and channelise conflicts into constructive benefits. The faster this is done the better for the organisation.

For this to happen there needs to be an intentional preset context of ground rules to prevent, resolve and thus reduce conflicts. This is in contrast with just waiting for a conflict to happen and then looking for a way to manage it.

Breakthrough has developed a unique way of doing this through the drafting of a Social Contract. This contract is developed by the team and for the team resulting in greater ownership. It also lends itself to be a proactive process of being accountable to the task, team and organisation. This contract is signed by the team and followed as a culture to be accountable in preventing and resolving conflicts. At the end of the day the Social Contract is shared deliverable and owned by the entire team. This results in building stronger and effective teams at the end of the day.

Breakthrough has worked with groups in Bangalore, Goa and in the USA and helped them draft a Social Contract.

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"Good co-relation between work related problems and their common and realistic approach to solve them. Liked various games created for a practical approach."

Nilesh Terdalkar
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