Leadership training - Next Level Leaders
The objective of the Breakthrough Leadership training program is to influence managers to take on the next level behaviours in their current job levels.

Managers could be efficient in achieving KPI’s at their current level, but need a shift in their attitude, awareness and abilities in order to go to the next level.
We have found that 7 critical leadership training behaviours need to be enhanced in order to consistently perform effectively at the Next Level. Breakthrough helps to influence these leadership behaviours through six different interventions spread out over a significant period of time.

The whole process is designed along with a practitioner right from the start, thus maintaining the focus and constantly making it relevant to the work place. The entire leadership training program is then facilitated along with the practitioner, thus bringing out a blend of behavioural, functional and a repetitive experience.

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"I was able to relate the programs to my work and it will help me in looking at my job in a new direction"

Varun Sivadas
Cable & Wireless

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