On Boarding/Induction

The Need: “I want the newly joined employees to know our people, culture and the company vision and values through activities”

Our Solution: Induction

This program will be customized based on the requirement of the Organization. This provides the new joinees to get a feel of the organization they are going to work in. Our Design experts will tailor make activities that will reinforce the company’s vision and values. For we believe that an Organizational Culture is the source of competitive advantage.

This Program also helps in helping the new joinees to bond within themselves

Group Size: 10-100 participants at a time

Venue: Breakthrough Campus or a Venue of your choice

Duration: 1 day

Key Features: Vision and values, Organizational Culture, Bonding and Interactive

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"The program was very effective in getting the team to bond. I got to mingle with a lot of my team members whom I didn't even know. Thanks."

Sophia G
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