High Performance culture:

The Need: “I want to create a High Performance Culture in my Team. I want them to start Collaborating and have a shared vision”

The program will be customized with your team objectives being the focus of the program along with the 5 high performance characteristics.

For consistent High Performance, there needs to be a culture that sustains the same.

Our Solution: High Performance Culture (HPC) is an overview of five characteristics of top achieving team cultures.

  • Collaborating to succeed
  • Creating shared deliverables
  • Connecting effectively
  • Stretching to over perform
  • Shared vision and plan

Breakthrough develops High Performance Teams who buy into company values and strategy. We transform that knowledge into passionate behavior. A follow up with specific functional action points results in a consistent High Performance behavior

Group Size: 15-100 participants at a time

Venue:Breakthrough Campus or a Venue of your choice

Duration: 1 day /2 Days

Key Features: Co-Designed, Co-Created, Customized, Collaboration, Stretch goals and Shared Vision

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"The program was very effective in getting the team to bond. I got to mingle with a lot of my team members whom I didn't even know. Thanks."

Sophia G
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