Cultural Transformation Tool:Building a Great Work Culture

The Need: “I want to bring about a Cultural transformation in my organization”.

“Cultural alignment and cultural entropy significantly influence employee engagement which in turn significantly influences organizational and financial performance”.
-study of over 160 organizations by Hewitt Associates and Barrett’s Value Centre

This is a whole system approach to cultural transformations, showing organizations how they can change their culture to become values driven organizations that support their employees, their customers, their partners, their leaders and ultimately drive effectiveness and profit.

Our Solution: Barrets Value Centre
  • Measureable culture
    Barrett Values Centre - Culture Transformation Tools (CTT)
  • Influencing and aligning values to drive culture

Key Features: Barrets Value Center, Transform the culture, values driven


"The program made me rethink the way I do things and how to do it better. It was excellent with the activities and the learning sessions at the end of it."

Sankar Ram
Cable & Wireless
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