What is a ropes course?

A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements. Low elements take place on the ground or only a few feet above the ground. High elements are usually constructed in trees or made of utility poles and require a belay for safety.

Who can participate?

All activities on the ropes course are designed to take 33.2 KN of force or approximately 3500 kg of weight. Even children from the Spastic Society of Karnataka and the Blind School have done the ropes course. So any normal person is fit to complete the course.

What is the mix of indoor and outdoor activities?

Depends mostly on the program design for the day.
But most often it is a 50:50 ratio of indoor and outdoor activities for the day.

How safe is the ropes course?

The high ropes course is much safer than the Bangalore roads.
The safety standards followed are as per ACCT standards with cables designed to hold 52kN and equipments to the tune of 22.2kN and above.
We are also certified by OHSAS 180001:2007 (compatible with ISO 9000)

I already have my training needs charted out.

Not an issue. We PARTNER with you to meet your training needs through a lot of fun and learning.
Breakthrough uses action learning to achieve your objectives.
It is completely plug and play.
Read more about how we work.

Do we have to come to your campus to do it?

No, we can do offsite (off Breakthrough campus) training at any location that the client needs. It may involve travelling to different cities, states or countries.
We have done trainings across India, in the USA, Sri Lanka, etc...

I want to help out with Breakthrough in my free time.

Fantastic. Enrol in our volunteer program to volunteer for different things.
Contact us to know more about Breakthrough's volunteer program

Do you have programmes for individuals also?

Breakthrough's main focus is to impact lives by building teams inside out. However, for those seeking individual focus on coaching and growth, Breakthrough presents Go! - an individual coaching for energising your career.
To know more about how could you become a part of Go! Contact us

Do you have facilities to stay?

The duration of a program depends on the design of the program. We have facilities to stay in the form of seperate dormitories.
During the last night of the stay, the participants have a chance to have fun around the camp fire.

Recent Clients


"The activities conducted during the two day session was able to give key learning’s which will help in our day to day operations and for the future."


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