We at Breakthrough are passionate about working with differently abled children. We are excited that it gives us a chance to bring a smile on the faces of the children who rarely get to experience anything else other than a mundane lifestyle. Furthermore, the very fact that everyone is equal and nobody is more special than the other to these children puts a smile on our faces!

We had the privilege of working with a number of differently abled kids from Spastic Society of Karnataka (Children in Wheel chairs), Rakum School of Blind, Asha Kiran, Nireekshana, Baldwins Opportunity School, Bethany Special Needs, etc... along with a host of orphanages, street and slum dwelling children as well as a group of transgenders.

If you share the same passion, you are more than welcome to be a part of this volunteer with us.

Recent Clients

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"The program made me rethink the way I do things and how to do it better. It was excellent with the activities and the learning sessions at the end of it."

Sankar Ram
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