Every company has strategies and goals. People are needed to implement these strategies. But when there are people, there tend to be breakdowns/gaps. We understand these gaps/constraints and assist you in achieving solutions through outbound learning. We call this Action Learning.
This does not involve creating separate or new interventions but we align with the existing trainings and needs of the organisation.

The strength of this method lies in experiential learning through which we enable teams to improve performance by understanding themselves better and how they respond to different situations. Change in behaviour is not extrinsic but intrinsic and also aligns to the organisational needs. The change is not forced by fear or reward but is a realisation from within.

To do this, we follow the action learning cycle.

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Client Objectives:
The process starts when we meet with our clients to find out what is functionally not working for them. These form the objectives to be addressed during the training program.
Outbound learning is used to address the given objectives. This makes the training, behaviour based rather than skill based. Simulating or imitating an actual event is an extremely powerful method to influence behaviour.
It is a high energy event with different high and low ropes and other adventure activities thus increasing the level of excitement for the participants.
Participants are taken to the next stage of the learning cycle, where they reflect on the experience they went through outbound learning . The discussion centres around certain responses or reactions that occurred during the activity and how that would relate to what is expected. This step internalises the behaviour of the participant, making her or him to analyse different behaviours during the activity.
Outbound learning has been an effective tool, especially in todays world as it shows people how they could use their internal resources, people generally have more resources and are more capable than they think they are. Outbound learning is successful even with a diverse group of people because this helps them understand how important each role is.
The learnings from various behaviours gleaned from the two stages is then aligned with the work place. Specific actions are defined to help deliver functional solutions.

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"All the programs I have ever attended were more ‘what has been done, now learn form it’ types. But this one was the reverse, where learning happened first and then we put it into practice."

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