Breakthrough is driven by a vision to impact lives.
Breakthrough was founded in 2000 by Robin Paul, an athlete, who has interacted with some of the world’s top sports stars. He has translated several team concepts from the world of sports into corporate training. This led to the conception of Breakthrough, which is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
The name Breakthrough finds its origin from
a tree that has broken through a 60/40 feet rock and still stands tall on the Breakthrough campus.
The Tree
The Tree is a metaphor for the consistent high performing leaders who stretch themselves to perform beyond expectations in face of challenges. It drives home the philosophy:
Don’t just sit and expect a breakthrough to happen, get down to making it happen.
The Tree and Breakthrough’s business solutions have much in common. The Tree signifies life against
all odds, standing tall, drawing from its potential within. Breakthrough’s solutions embody the fun and learning inherent in all life and drawing potential from within the team.

Recent Clients

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"The best thing is that the Breakthrough team takes through a lot interesting activities which is very helpful to recognise our capabilities and understand about certain concepts which are very helpful in the work place."

Aditya Bhat

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